NeoCon 2017

Discover Your Culture, Design Your Space, Develop Your People.

Optimizing your organizational culture through effective space design engages people, increases performance, and drives innovation. At NeoCon this year, Haworth created and showcased layouts for two companies with different culture types—one “Collaborate” and one “Create”—from their Competing Values Framework.

Build Engagement, Drive Innovation

Explore Haworth's interactive culture site to learn more about how your culture can translate to a design that elevates the human experience.


New Products, Fresh Designs

Discover over 20 new products to help you create inviting, flexible spaces that make people feel at home.


Bringing Spaces to Life

Haworth collaborated with Patricia Urquiola and her team again this year on the overall design vision for their NeoCon showroom.

Take the 360° interactive showroom tour and discover the power of aligning design with your culture. It’s a fun way to envision how design choices impact work culture and how you would interact in the space if it were your own.