Better projects for a better planet

At Office Concepts, we really care about doing our part for the planet. As a leading commercial furniture dealer, we work hard to ensure that everything we do is as eco-friendly as possible. From the way we choose our furniture, to how we run our business, we are committed to being kind to the environment and helping our team, our partners, and our customers be greener.

Our actions today impact tomorrow

Our Environmental Policy consists of the following sustainability principles designed to safeguard future generations:


We follow all environmental rules and go beyond them when we can. We strive to exceed regulatory standards to continually improve our environmental performance.

Resource Conservation

We're working hard to use less and waste less. That means we’ll recycle and reuse whatever we can, and make sure we’re smart about how we use materials from start to finish

Sustainable Procurement

We choose products and materials that are environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, and certified by recognized sustainability standards, like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for wood products.

Energy Efficiency

We’re always seeking ways to use less energy in our facilities, operations, and transportation activities. We're investing in smarter tech that uses less energy, finding simple ways to cut down on power use, and helping our team learn how to be more energy-wise.

Emissions Reduction

We are committed to cutting down the pollution our business causes by setting goals to reduce emissions and monitor our carbon footprint. We’ve also implemented measures to get better, including using less energy and more clean, green power.

Environmental Education & Awareness

We actively help our team, our suppliers, our clients, and community stakeholders learn more about how to be kinder to the environment by promoting sustainable practices and encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour.

Continuous Improvement

We’re all in on always getting better at protecting the environment. We keep a close eye on our environmental performance through regular monitoring, measurement, and review of our environmental targets to make sure we’re hitting them. If something’s not working, we figure out why and fix it.

Did you know?

We diverted over 80 metric tonnes of cardboard, paper, and plastics in 2023.

Our workplace & beyond

Together, we’re making a difference.

In addition to our internal operations, we promote environmental sustainability within our client sites through our comprehensive waste management plan by making sure that everything that can be recycled, is. From paper and plastic to metal scraps, we sort it all out and make sure it gets a second life instead of ending up in a landfill. We’ve got a plan for every project to manage waste right, teaching our team and working with our clients and partners to keep things green.

With Office Concepts as your partner, you’re guaranteed to waste less, save resources, and cut down on pollution.

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