TransAlta Head Office

A leader in clean energy, TransAlta’s office underwent a complete redesign to create an environment that better supported their people and reflected their commitment to a sustainable future.

About the project

A truly collaborative project between TransAlta, Zeidler, and Office Concepts, the redesign of TransAlta’s corporate head office in Calgary, Alberta marks its first major update in decades – a reflection of their dedication to making purposeful, long-term decisions that stand the test of time. Office Concepts proudly supplied five floors of interior commercial product, including moveable walls, furniture, seating, and ancillary – all of which was thoughtfully curated to enrich their culture and innovative spirit. The combined, intentional efforts of this team not only resulted in a clean, modern design, but a clear floor plan with designated areas to encourage both focused work and productive collaboration. 

Selections provided by Office Concepts include: Movable walls by Office Concepts, Haworth, Krug, ERG, Keilhauer

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